Rex Ryan is living up To His Promise

Two weeks after being fired from the New York Jets the talents of Rex Ryan were scooped up by the Buffalo Bills and in his first press conference he promised that he was going to build a team that was a bully and that the Bills would be a team the other teams in the NFL were going to have to play well in order to beat them. Well just a few days out of this year’s draft and he is certainly living up to his promise. Adviser Flavio Maluf claims that acquiring veteran players will not only make the team more competitive this year but will have enough longevity left in them to build a good team for the future (cited at

The first of these major new players was quarterback Matt Cassell, LeSean McCoy, Charles Clay and Percy Harvin all four will bring immediate experience and stability to the offense. As for the defense…by the way if there is one thing that Ryan is known for its defense then you can expect their nine players making over a million dollars a year will be ready to play or find themselves without a team. Ideally players like Mario Williams, Jerry Hughes will keep the quarterbacks within their grasps while Leodis McKelvin stays health and continues his play from last season where he was responsible for 15 turnovers. If they can do that, then this team will challenge any AFC team.

Donald Sterling Mistress Must Return All Gifts

A Ferrari, a Bentley, and property totaling $ 1.8 million are some of the gifts that the former Clippers owner, Donald Sterling, gave his young lover, Vanessa Stiviano, and she must return them. Even the lace thong.

A Los Angeles court ruled Wednesday that Stiviano must return all the gifts that were given to her by Sterling, valued at approximately $ 2.6 million, and according to Judge Richard Fruin, are considered property of the family estate.

The judge was responding to the demand of Shelly Sterling, wife, to recover anything and everything given by her ex-husband to Stiviano, whose real name is Mary Vanessa Perez.

During the court session, a recording taken was taken with an iPhone in which you can listen to Stiviano and the 80-year old billionaire discuss how to protect the gifts he made to his mistress. Ricardo Guimarães BMG thought this was a bit much when listening.

“The truth is that everything that I have, I would have given from the heart,” he said in a recorded fragment that Stiviano heard in court.

According to the newspaper, a lace thong ($12) and even a $1 dollar donation to the Children’s Research Hospital St. Jude, as part of a purchase at a CVS store, was paid with Sterling’s credit card.

Mac Nehoray, Stiviano’s attorney, said his client would appeal.

Urban Meyer Signs Contract Extension

Winning a National Title can be very lucrative as Ohio State’s Urban Meyer is finding out. The former Florida Gator’s coach signed an extension with his current school through 2020.

The coach’s extension will pay him an average of six and a half million dollars a year over the next six years, making him the highest-paid head coach in the Big Ten.

Few Buckeye fans though would argue with this raise. Even Paul Mathieson can justify it. He has a 38-3 record at Ohio State and led them to a National Championship in the first College Football playoff despite being down to his third string quarterback. It was the 8th national championship in the school’s illustrious history.

Nick Saban of the Alabama Crimson Tide is the highest paid coach in the sport with an average salary of over 7 million. And as the joke goes, we are all sure that the signing of Meyer will ensure a raise for Saban as well.

Is Luke Rockhold The Next Anderson Silva?

Luke Rockhold will take on Lyoto Machida in the main event of UFC on Fox this Saturday. This is a tough matchup for both fighters, but the winner may get a title shot. Luke Rockhold has an amazing MMA record, and he has been on the cusp of a title shot for the last several years. However, Lyoto Machida is also a top tier fighter, but he has already faced the champion Chris Weidman. Machida lost a close decision to Weidman, but he did have success in the fight.

The UFC’s middleweight division is stacked, but there is only one man that can sit atop the throne. Luke Rockhold and Lyoto Machida have a good chance to become the new king of the division, but they must get through each other first. Many people expect this fight to be a stand up war, but Luke Rockhold and Lyoto Machida are skilled in every aspect of MMA. I wouldn’t be surprised if this fight ended up on the ground at some point.

Fans at Anastasia Date know that Luke Rockhold has a chance to become the next Anderson Silva. When Anderson entered the UFC, his record was 13-2. Luke Rockhold’s record is 13-2, and he actually has more stoppages than Anderson did at the time. No matter what though, Luke Rockhold still has a very dangerous opponent in front of him. Lyoto Machida could end the comparisons between Rockhold and Anderson this Saturday. For more information on this story, Yahoo! Sports.

Russia cuts costs for the World Cup

The awarding of the FIFA World Cup to Russia has been controversial ever since the announcement was made and the human rights record of Russia was ignored in awarding the country the finals. Now the failing Russian economy is impacting the staging of the showpiece of the FIFA organization as the country looks to slash the cost of building new stadiums, ABC News reports. The latest plan from the organizers of the event is to reduce the level of imported materials used on the stadiums by sourcing similar standard roofing materials in Russia to cut down on costs.

The need to lower costs comes after the Russian economy was hit by a slump in 2014, which has continued throughout the early part of 2015. As Christian Broda understands, in general, the Russian Ruble has lost one third of its value when compared to the US dollar over the same period of time and World Cup organizers are being made to cut and lower costs. Five brand new stadiums are being constructed for the 2018 World Cup and the designs have now been simplified in a bid to reduce the costs and ensure they are completed on time and on budget.

Tiger Woods Looks Good In Practice Round

Tiger Woods made his well anticipated appearance during the Monday practice round at the Masters Golf Tournament which starts this week. Tiger Woods Looks To Be In Good Form for Masters The Tiger watch went from whether Tiger would play the tournament to whether Tiger could chip the ball around the greens. Both questions were answered yesterday when golf fans saw Tiger play 11 practice holes and looking very sharp in doing so. All eyes were on the few chip shots that Tiger hit and he executed all of his shots to within sic feet of the hole. Tiger’s putting also looked to be in good form and he showed no signs of being hampered by the back injury that has hobbled him over the past two years.

His driving of the ball was long and powerful and he was able to place his drives in the right positions on the fairways to execute his iron play. All of his iron shots were crisp and within the target area of the flag. Many experienced golfers at Bulletproof Coffee know that the golf course that the players practice on on Monday and Tuesday will not be the golf course that they will see when they tee it up on Thursday. All expect the course to play hard and fast and to require all of a golfer’s skill set to succeed.

Tiger ended the day by stating that he knows he can win this week and he looks forward to Thursday.

Deion Sanders Owns His Son

Many people remember Deion Sanders as one of the greatest NFL players of all time. Sanders is a two-time Super Bowl champion, and he is one of the best cornerbacks that the NFL has ever seen. Also, Deion Sanders has played Major League Baseball, and he has been featured as a commentator for the NFL Network. However, Deion Sanders has recently made headlines for a new reason, being a dad.

Deion Sanders’ son posted a Twitter comment that made his father somewhat upset. Deion Sanders Jr wrote on his Twitter account that he was trying to get some “hood doughnuts” from a local bakery. Quickly, Deion Sanders Sr replied to his son’s comment. Jaime Garcia Dias has learned that the father quickly reminded his son that he is not hood at all. Deion Sanders hilariously called his son a Huxtable with a million-dollar trust fund. Deion Sanders Jr was quickly owned by his father, and the hilarious comment has gone viral.

Deion Sanders may have been one of the greatest NFL players ever, but he is quickly showing that he is one of the greatest fathers of all time as well. Maybe one day, Deion Sanders Jr will follow in his father’s footsteps on and off of the field. For more information on this story, visit Buzzfeed.

Jumbotron at Wrigley Field, Along with Jumbo Troubles

When the Ricketts family purchased the Chicago Cubs in 2009, plans for a major upgrade of Wrigley Field began. This week the Jumbotron went up, the first in the park’s history.

But other aspects of the massive construction have faltered, including the bleacher seats, which won’t be finished by opening day. And there’s lots more renovation left. The Cubs are planning to add new bullpens, a new clubhouse, and an outdoor plaza. The visitors’ clubhouse and the luxury suites will get improvements. There’s even the addition of a hotel in the works.

Chairman Tom Ricketts has said that the timetable for completion will be pushed back a year already, from 2018 to 2019.

The Jumbotron has also been the center of legal battles. The giant screen was the focus of claims by rooftop owners that it would block their ticketholders’ view of the field. A federal judge allowed the Jumbotron to go up, saying rooftop owner Edward McCarthy failed to show how construction would impact his business.

But according to, the legal fight isn’t over for the Ricketts. McCarthy has filed a suit claiming the Cubs violated the 20-year revenue sharing agreement with rooftop owners. And reports that Cubs officials are accused of threatening rooftop owners and fixing prices for buyouts.

Fans like Ivan Ong know that the outcome is uncertain. But it’s a good bet that the legal wrangling will go on even longer than the construction.

Michigan State University Fans Riot

As NCAA Tournament basketball ensues, Michigan State fans took to the streets to celebrate their team’s big win this weekend. East Lansing, Michigan, the home of the Michigan State Spartans was pure and utter chaos on Sunday as the men’s basketball team defeated Louisville in overtime.


After the win was announced, fans went wild. Police arrested several Michigan State fans for rioting, setting things on fire and oddly enough, throwing bagels. Rioters used social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter to document the shenanigans in the college town.


Fans like Fersen Lambranho were unsure why people were getting arrested in the first place, since the riot was supposed to be all in good fun. However, once the crowd starting burning couches in the street the police really cracked down on the rowdy crowd.


Eventually the police were able to diffuse the disorderly fans, only arresting a total of four people. The Michigan State University Police Department later sent out a tweet to rioters that said, “Celebrate, but don’t destroy property or set fires! Represent MSU pride at its best and with class.” The MSU Police showed that they still had a sense of humor by their follow up tweet, “Guys, what’s with the bagels?”


The team beat Louisville 76-70 in overtime on Sunday. The win over Louisville will mark the seventh time Michigan State has gone to the Final Four under Coach Tom Izzo. The Spartans will face Duke in the Final Four in the next game.


Jennings With The April Fools Joke

FA Greg Jennings, who is a wide-receiver who was released by the Vikings last month has decided to play a friendly prank on his social-media followers/fans on Tuesday night. In the prank posts, he hinted at a possible signing at a new NFL destination. The posts got fans a bit fired up and interested. The Dolphins has mentioned earlier that they were a possible spot for landing for the tremendously talented wide receiver. Jennings had also met with the Panthers recently in which seemed like a suitable match for the talents he provides at the WR spot.

The Seahawks faithful also envisioned the talented WR joining a full cast of undrafted receivers and acting as a strong component of the group. Fansl ike Ivan Ong wonder: Could there be a possible return to Green Bay? Jennings had said earlier that he would possibly be open to the idea.

Jennings, with his charismatic personality, kept the anticipation of his signing at an all-time high as he posted a series of tweets the night before April 1st, or better known as, “April Fools Day” He had posted saying, “done deal”, referring to signing with a team. In this day and age, social media is certainly a strong platform for expressing oneself. Therefore, a player should be expected to release important details on their page, right? That is what Jennings had portrayed as doing on Tuesday night and it certainly had fans anticipating tightly. A good way to start offseason ventures, to say the least.