The NBA Atlanta Hawks

Atlanta Hawks is a team of professional basketball players in Georgia. This franchise has been for a long time now considered to be sold. Most of their competitions are in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Different bids are being considered therefore it might take longer than expected. The Atlanta hawks team hired a manager to manage the sales process. This team joined the NBA in 1949 and later in the year 1951, they changed their name to Atlanta Hawks. The sale of this team is set to be public after it has been finalized. The high sale price for this team goes to show how productive they are and the potential the team players hold.

Bruce Levenson, businessman and owner of the NBA team purchased the team back in 2004. In September, Levenson publicly announced that he wishes to sell the NBA team to expand the team’s territories. The prospective buyers agreed to sign non-disclosure contracts that forbid them to talk about the sales until it becomes finalized. By making the sale, Bruce Levenson is set to make a big profit off the basketball team shares. The sale is set to take place in stages, by cash then some debts. Bruce Levenson will give the new owners of Atlanta Hawks complete control to make plans and set goals and objectives for the NBA team.

Every member of Atlanta Hawks is active and very responsible. Their main objective is to always win the games that have been set up for them. The sale is not only meant to be for the team but also the Phillips Arena which is Atlanta Hawks court. With every station talking about Atlanta Hawks and their success, the big sale is going to be a lucrative transaction for Bruce Levenson and other shareholders. In 2012, Bruce Levenson declared that indeed he wanted to sell Atlanta Hawks. Since it was founded, Atlanta Hawks has gone through various uniform transitions, looking better than before. What makes the Atlanta Hawks uniform unique is that every uniform has a different logo.

Recently, Atlanta Hawks launched its new game shoes and socks. For the road uniform, the team is set to wear granite gray while white is meant for home playoffs. Their alternate uniform color is Torch red. Since 1967, the basketball team advanced by defeating Washington Wizards in six games in a row during the semifinals. They later advanced to the Eastern Conference finals, drawing attention to millions of viewers across the world. In the 2011/2012 eastern conference season, Atlanta Hawks won the third best record by winning 40 games during that season.

This aggressive NBA team has managed to emerge as a top seed during the eastern conference seasons over the years. The practice facilities in Phillips Arena have proven to be sufficient and above standards for the team players, helping them in training appropriately for the different games. The organization led by Bruce Levenson has been operating under responsible management over the years. The shareholders agreed to sell their shares after Bruce Levenson announced his intention to sell the team shares. Atlanta Hawks has attracted a lot of buyers due to its potential and willingness to advance.

Contributions Made BY Bruce Levenson For The Atlanta Hawks

Basketball is one of the most recognized games in the United States. The game has been in existence since 1891. Basketball was first played in Springfield, Massachusetts. The National Basketball Association (NBA) is the official governing body of basketball. The Atlanta Hawks are members of the national basketball association and a professional basketball team based in Atlanta, Georgia. They make up the Southeast Division of the Eastern Conference league. The home games of the team are played at the Philips Arena.

The team dates back to 1946 when the Tri-Cities Black hawks was formed. The team joined the National Basketball Association in 1949.They moved to Milwaukee in 1951 and changed their name to the Hawks. In 1955, the team relocated to St.Louis and won their first NBA championship in 1958.Ten years later they moved to Atlanta that house their headquarters.

The team has changed ownership over the years. It was purchased by Atlanta Hawks LLC, which was formed to purchase both the Hawks and the Atlanta Thrashers, a team that was managed by Bruce Levenson. When the purchase of the hawks was successful, Bruce Levenson hired Danny Ferry to take up the position of the general manager and president of the team. The team has been successful under the new management.

Bruce Levenson is a successful businessman and co owner of the Hawks. Born in October 1st 1945 in Washington D.C, Mr Levenson undertook his undergraduate law degree from the Washington University. While he was still studying law at the University, he developed an interest in journalism and started writing for the Washington Star. This interest led him to co found the United Communication Group (UCG). The UCG is an information center that publishes news and data analysis on healthcare, energy, mortgage banking, and technology and telecommunication issues.

Mr. Levenson is a partner of Atlanta Hawks LLC, the firm that purchased the hawks from Turner Broadcasting. The firm owns the Atlanta Hawks and the Phillips Arena. Bruce is the managing partner of the team and also sits on the National Basketball Association Board of Governors. Bruce has attended every game played by the Hawks since he joined the management of the team. He even accompanied the team and staff to the USA Holocaust Museum where he talked to the team about his mother in law’s experiences in the Holocaust. He later sold his share of the Atlanta Hawks LLC so that he can focus on banking.

Currently, the team is under the ownership of Anthony Ressler. It is important to mentions that the team has retained the Hawks CEO Steve Koonin and Coach Mike Budenholzer. The team has steadily improved its performance over the years and is expected to continue excelling under the new leadership. The team has unveiled a new set of uniform for their next season. The colors of the uniform are volt green, gray and red. These new strategies are aimed at enhancing the success of the team in the near future. Change of strategy will motivate the players and make them work hard towards making the team successful in the NBA fraternity.

Atlanta Hawks: Redefining Modern Basketball

The Atlanta Hawks having won the first division title became the very first team that is not based in the state of Florida to clinch the division’s title. This not only represents the success levels that the team is expected to achieve, but also show that it can compete at the highest level with the very best in the game. This has been achieved through ruthless commitment and dedication to the game and an approach that has included some of the best moves in the game.

Bruce Levenson has been an integral figure in the success that has been achieved by the Atlanta Hawks over the last couple of years. The professional basketball franchise that is based in Atlanta in the state of Georgia is a force to reckon with in the Eastern Conference division. The Philips Arena serves as their playing court for all the home matches and in most cases the seats are sold out for their matches. The progress that has been achieved by the team over the years has been impressive and rich in taste. Since their early days of playing in the 1950’s, the Atlanta Hawks have played with dedication and commitment in a manner that has never been seen before. It is an honor to pull the jersey of the team and this can be exemplified by the strong team spirit that is evident in every match, whether home or away.

On the 24th day of June, 2015 in a bid to ensure continued progress of the team, the franchise was sold to another group in a move that received the backing and support of the National Basketball Association Board of Governors. The team was listed as the very first team in professional basketball to achieve a seventeen zero when they beat Portland in a calendar year. This further cemented their status as a team that is intent at challenging for major titles across the basketball division.

Bruce Levenson Distinguished Leadership

Even with the success that he has achieved, Levenson has managed to contribute to the well-being and success of others. His philanthropy works have been credited for enriching the lives of many people across the country. This was especially the case when he headed the ‘I have a Dream Foundation’ that had the primary objective of contributing towards the higher education of needy children. He is also keen on ensuring that the youths of his society do not fall in to vices that will make them lead miserable lives. Through this basis, he has set up a number of training initiatives that aim at equipping children and the youth with necessary skills that are aimed at improving their future lives.

Bruce Levenson has also been widely praised for his leadership skills and management style that has seen him lead the NBA franchise through the seasons. It is worth noting that the considerable praise he has received is from both the people he has worked with and those that have worked under him. The team will definitely achieve more success.

The Auspicious Atlantic Hawks

The Atlantic Hawks are the winners of the March 2015 Division Title which led them to become the top seed in the Eastern Conference Playoffs. The team has come a long way since 1946 when it was started with the name Tri-Cities Blackhawks. It was owned by Ben Kerner and it played at Wharton Field House under coach Red Averbach. It was among the first 17 original teams of National Basketball Associations. The Blackhawks later moved to Milwaukee and became Milwaukee Hawks and later changed to become St. Louis Hawks. In 1958, they won their first NBA Championship after defeating Celtics.

By 1960, the Hawks were strong contenders capturing several Division Titles. In 1968, the team moved to Atlanta after acquisition by Tom Cousins and Carl Sanders. The team was later bought by Ted Turner and was coached by Hubie Brown. The team won the Central Division Title in the 1979-80 season. Between 1985 and 1989, the hawks won 50 games each season. Under Coach Lenny Wilkens and the leading scorer, Dominique Wilkins, the Hawks won 57 games in 1993-94 season. In 1997-1998 and 1997-1998 they won over 50 games. Phillips Arena was opened in 1999 and Atlanta Spirit LLC group inherited it and the Hawks in 2004.

The Atlanta Spirit LLC was a group which came together to acquire the Atlanta Hawks. The largest shareholder was Bruce Levenson a businessman and a philanthropist. He is the co-founder and partner at United Communications Group. He is the director of Brevenson is the former owner of NHL’s Thrashers and he previously worked for Observer Publishing and Washington Star. He is a board member of many committees and associations. He funds a lot of foundations such as Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland and “I Have a Dream Foundation”.

Bruce served as governor in the NBA board of governors and was the managing partner of the Hawks when he was the owner. In 2007, Hawks won a season opener and in the two preceding seasons they won 47 and 53 games respectively. During the 2011-2012 season, the Hawks had the 3rd best record in the Eastern Conference having 40 wins. This year much has happened having beat Portland in January and having new owners in June 2015. Tony Ressler led a group in the acquisition of Atlanta Hawks and Phillip’s Arena though with conditions for the team to remain in Atlanta. Currently, this basketball team’s head coach is Mike Budenholzer under the management of Wes Wilcox. Mike Budenholzer is the president of the promising team.

5 of the Best NBA Teams of all time.

Chicago Bulls

The Chicago Bulls, a popular NBA basketball team in Chicago Illinois, was founded in 1966 and had their most success in the 1990s. With two three-peats, or three consecutive championship wins, the Bulls won a total of 6 championship in a row from 1991 to 1998. These legendary wins were lead by Michael Jordan. These three-peat championship wins certainly aren’t the only reason the Chicago Bulls made history as being one of the greatest NBA teams of all time though. The Bulls also won an NBA record, also during the 90’s, of a total of 72 wins during one season. Chicago Bulls is the only NBA team in basketball history to have that many wins during one single season on

Los Angeles Lakers

The widely known NBA basketball team Los Angeles Lakers, from the city of Los Angeles in California, has made many outstanding accomplishment throughout their existence dating all the way back to 1947. The Los Angeles Lakers are hands down one of most successful NBA teams of all time. The Lakers have won a total of 16 NBA championships all together and are currently the most valuable NBA franchise at 2.6 billion dollars. The Los Angeles Lakers also still hold the longest winning streak due to winning 33 consecutive games total in 1971.

Boston Celtics

The NBA team Boston Celtics, out of Boston Massachusetts, finished a season with an outstanding 67-25 score as well as a 15-3 record in playoffs while coached under K.C. Jones in the 80’s. The Boston Celtics also scored the best defensive rating.

Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors is a professional NBA team, founded in 1946, out of Oakland California. Under coach Steve Kerr, the Golden State Warriors have won 4 NBA championships total throughout their existence and just recently won the most current 2015 NBA championship when defeating the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Atlanta Hawks

Atlanta Hawks professional NBA basketball team out of Atlanta Georgia has also shown their fair share of outstanding successful moments and achievements in the NBA such as winning 10 of 12 games with 7 being double digits. Atlanta Hawks former co-owner and governor of the Atlanta Hawks and owner of the Phillips Arena was Bruce Levenson. Toward the end of 2014, Levenson hired Danny Ferry as Atlanta Hawks general manager, which was a great decision since he put player Jeff Teague in who offered the team great speed and an advantage of reaching the basket more to make more winning shots. It was currently decided in April of 2015 to sell both the Atlanta Georgia NBA team and arena for $850 million to a group under an American businessman named Tony Ressler.

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Bruce Levenson is an extremely charitable man

Many people know Bruce Levenson as one of the most successful businessmen in the world, and a large number of people know that Levenson recently owned the NBA team the Atlanta Hawks, but very few people know about Levenson’s amazing charity contributions.
Levenson has always believed that one of the best things that you can do in life is to give back. He recognizes that he has been extremely successful over his time in the business, and he feels that it is his duty to ensure that he takes care of those that are less fortunate than himself. He has been guided by this philosophy for many years, and this has lead to him making major contributions to charities throughout the United States.
One of the biggest areas for Levenson’s charity contributions has been the Washington D.C. area. Bruce has extremely strong ties to the Washington, D.C. community, as he was born and raised in the area. Levenson has served on the board of several Washington area charities. One of the biggest charities in Levenson’s heart is the Community Foundation of Washington, D.C., a charity that is committed to uplifting the Washington, D.C. community. Levenson also serves on the Hoop Dreams Foundation. This foundation is committed to helping young people achieve their dreams, the foundation does utilize basketball in order to draw people from the community into the charity and to reach youth that are at risk. Levenson has long had a heart for the Washington, D.C. community, and this is best exemplified by his charity work within the Washington, D.C. area.
Bruce also has a well rooted Jewish faith that has guided his charity work. One of the biggest causes of Bruce’s career has been the founding the Holocaust museum. Bruce was one of the founding donors of the Holocaust Museum. Along with his donation to the United States Holocaust Museum, Bruce also worked with the Bringing the Lessons Home foundation. This foundation works with inner city kids in order to teach them the lessons that were learnt from the Holocaust. These lessons are absolutely critical to the future of our society and thus Bruce felt that it was critical to teach these lessons to the youth of the world. The Bringing the Lessons Home foundation also trains inner city kids to become tour guides at the Holocaust Museum, so that they can pass on the lessons of the holocaust to other people. Bruce has long been guided by his strong Jewish faith, and he has received numerous awards from the state of Israel for his actions in promotion of the Jewish faith.
Bruce Levenson is one of the most successful business people in the world, but he is also one of the most charitable people in the business community. His willingness to reach out to his home town of Washington, D.C. and his connections to his strong Jewish faith have made him one of the most successful philanthropists in the world. Bruce is sure to keep reaching out to the Jewish Community and to the inner city.

Great Team Owners: A brief history of Bruce Levenson

There have been so many different NBA team owners in the history of the league that it can be difficult to tell most apart. Most are there simply to make money; others are there to make a name for themselves as the owner of the next great team of the century. Few do it for their players and fewer still do it for the love of the game. But once in a great while an individual comes along that does it for more than all that. They do it for the fans while giving back to their communities. One of the greatest I’d like to talk about in recent memory that I’d to discusson is Bruce Levenson.
Levenson was born in Washington D.C on October the first nineteen forty-nine. In the sixty-five years that followed he would go on to do many things that are worth talking about. From his philanthropy with the United Communications group, of which he is a founding partner, to his founding donations to the U.S Holocaust Museum. Bruce Levenson has dedicated the bulk of his life to helping others most notably when he and his wife took the lead on the development of a nonprofit leadership organization which is located inside the university of Maryland.
Bruce Levenson is of Jewish heritage and Chevy Chase, Maryland. He graduated with a degree in Law from the American University. He went on to co-found the united communications group alongside Edward Peskowitz in 1977. The company started out as nothing more than a newsletter which focused on the oil industry. The United Communications Group is currently a privately held business that specializes in data
In 2004 the Atlanta Hawks LLC was formed in order to acquire the Atlanta Hawks from the Turner Broadcasting company. Ed Peskowitz and Bruce Levenson are majority partners in the Atlanta Hawks. Even though they are part of a much larger group of business professional who collectively own the team, it is commonly referred to as Levensons’ team, due in no small part to the fact that he is the reason that he is responsible for the decision to hire general manager Danny Ferry.
Bruce Levenson will forever be remembered as one of the greatest team owners and philanthropists in the history of the NBA. He currently spends his days at his home in Potomac, Maryland with his wife Karen Levenson, with whom he has three sons.

The Journey of Joseph Bismark


Joseph Bismark has managed to make his mark in the corporate world, not only because of his abilities, but because of his faith (according to WordPress blog Newsom Thing Was Going On). At only nine years old Bismark cast aside a life of comfort and started his spiritual journey in a Philippine ashram. At seventeen years old he left the monastery in order to continue his journey in the cooperate world and is one of the most influential leaders in the marketing industry today. 
Joseph Bismark has taken everything that he learned throughout his time spent in the monastery and is now applying it to the cooperate world.
This unique approach has brought about a lot of talk from others in the industry saying that he is naive in his thinking. However, Biskmark continues to be a well -respected man among his peers and has climbed the cooperate ladder to the top. In 2008, he became the Managing Director for the IQ Group and assisted in creating and found QNet. His success is based on his ability to connect and motivate everyone that he comes in contact with. He is able to take an intense work place and turn it into a positive cohesive environment. 
This extraordinary man started with such humble beginnings as a simple monk but is changing the way the cooperate world operates. It is faith that keeps him strong, allows him to connect to people, inspire others and be an exceptional leader. He followed his calling that lead him to become a monk and his journey as taken him into a position of leading others in a positive way in the corporate world.

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