Manny Pacquiao Having Problems With Cramping During Training

As the Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao fight is just around the corner, Pacquiao’s trainer, Freddie Roach, has publicly expressed that he hasn’t been able to solve the boxer’s tendency of suffering leg craps. Manny Pacquiao is known for having big calves. They are major assets for him to rely on to generate his punching power. Unfortunately, he has been affected in many of his fights from leg cramps.

Roach has exclaimed that leg cramps have been a continuous issue for his boxer Manny, and although he has been taking preventive steps of cramping during his training sessions, cramps seem to be lingering around from time to time. One viable solution they have been able to find is a special calf cream that costs an outrageous $1,800 for a small bottle. Fans like Bruce Karatz ( know that the cost is unbelievably high for Manny as he doesn’t have American insurance that would have deflated the cost. Before applying the cream for preventing cramps, Roach has had to have it approved by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency to ensure his fighter will be good to fight under proper protocols and regulations.

Roach has also stated that he has had Pacquiao run more track sprints as opposed to running hills on a concrete surface to prevent shin splints and cramps from occurring. Although they were good options for Manny when he was younger, Roach has stated that they are not recommended for regular training for an older boxer.

Whatcha Know About Lacrosse?

The History of Lacrosse

Lacrosse is one of the fastest growing sports in the United States. However, it is actually the oldest sport native to North America. Lacrosse started as a tribal game played throughout the Woodlands Native Americans and Plains Indians in what is now present day Canada. While the game has been significantly modified since then, the origins are based on these original players. 
With the traditional lacrosse, the game was called “dehuntshigwa’es” which translates roughly to “men hit a rounded object”. It was a team sport that often featured anywhere from 100 to well over 1,000 men from different villages. The game was almost an epic capture the flag game, where the goals could be placed anywhere from several hundred years to a few miles from one another. The two tribes would meet and decide upon rules before the game the following day (often times, games would last several days). Although the rules would change depending on the tribes, there were usually no out of bounds and the ball could not be touched with hands. Of course, with hundreds of players participating at a time, it often became a bit convoluted and difficult to locate the ball and to pass. The goals were usually set between rocks or trees and the length of the game was again decided upon the day before. 

As for equipment of the original game, it is not terribly different form what is used today. Early balls were either carved from wood while others where made from deerskin and stuffed with hair and where around three inches in diameter. The lacrosse sticks were oversized, wooden spoons without any netting, although eventually a netting made out of deer sinew started to see action. 

matt landis sports

Europeans did not come in contact with the sport until the late 1930s, when a missionary wrote about the sport he watched. Colonists started to bet on games played by the Native Americans and within 100 years, Europeans had started to play the game, although it wasn’t until the mid 1750s where Native Americans started to play directly with Europeans on a more direct and repetitive level. By the 1800s, Lacrosse had started to develop more rules by the Europeans, as they found the idea of having hundreds of players at a time to congestive to truly play the game. 

matt landis
Matt Landis, a junior playing for the University of Notre Dame continues on the legacy and evolution of the sport as he and his team recently took out the 7th ranked Virginia team to a score of 11-9. Landis even receive the ACC player of the week award for his performance in the game. 
matt landis black and white
Notre Dame is one of the top men’s lacrosse college teams in the country this year, and while the season is only a few weeks old, they are currently third in the country and are readying for a bout with the 15th ranked Ohio State Buckeys on Saturday. The matchup of two ranked teams should demonstrate just how far the sport has come.

U President believes college athletes should not be compensated

The controversy over whether college athletes should be rewarded for their play in NCAA competitions saw President barrack Obama enter the discussion in an interview with The Huffington Post, ABC reports. The President stated he felt the banning of players for receiving free items, such as a tattoo or use of a car was wrong, but that monetary rewards should be kept out of college sports. President Obama used the example of former Kentucky power forward Anthony Davis who played a single season of college basketball before moving to the NBA. Bruce Karatz knows that in the interview the President questioned how a monetary system would work and feared bidding wars would break out for the best players, such as Davis amongst the top teams.

President Obama’s interview was revealed as he watched Princeton’s women’s basketball team remain undefeated at the NCAA tournament. The President’s niece, Leslie Robinson is a member of the Princeton team, but did not feature in their latest game despite the President and daughter Malia being present in the crowd.

Golden State Warriors Stomp Hawks

Golden State Warriors Stomp Hawks

One thing to know about the NBA basketball season is that it can be full of surprising wins, both close ones and large victories. A decisive win for the Golden State Warriors on Wednesday night was an example of this.

The Golden State Warriors faced off against the Atlanta Hawks at home at Oracle Arena in Oakland, California, both teams becoming top tier ones throughout the whole season. Although notable players were missing from the lineup, such as Klay Thompson and Kyle Korver, the game seemed to be a potential preview of what lies ahead for both teams in the NBA playoffs stated

The game itself seemed to be competitive, but the final score would tell a fairly different story. The Warriors started out with a slow lead but clawed their way to a 59-47 lead by halftime. At one point they found themselves ahead of the Hawks by 29 points and eventually ended the game with a 114-95 win, with dunks and three-point shots being done throughout the course of the game.

Individually, the Warriors didn’t appear to miss their starter in Klay Thompson, as their substitute shooting guard Andre Iguodala did well on his own. He finished the game by scoring 21 points and went 9 for 12 in shooting, while starter Harrison Barnes added a team-high of 25 points in what would be a sure win.

NCAA sees revenues soar towards $1 billion in 2014

As the NCAA men’s basketball tournament draws closer the body controlling college sports has announced annual revenues of $989 million for 2014, NBC Sports reports. From that $989 million the NCAA has set aside $80.5 million as a surplus that has yet to be assigned to any use, largely because a series of lawsuits are still outstanding that could see a jump in the funding for legal fees and cases. The NCAA has already set aside $158 million for legal expenses associated with a number of lawsuits, including a concussion compensation claim that has been earmarked for a $70 million payout to insurance companies.

Zeca Oliveira knows that the huge profits were assisted by the use of the large AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas for the Final Four of the men’s basketball competition. Bowl games and the newly instigated college football playoff system are not included in the revenue streams reported by the NCAA. The division of moneys to different schools has also proved to be controversial with division one schools receiving $547 million and division two schools being provided with $34.7 million.

Peyton Manning and Broncos Agrees to Pay Cut

Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos closed a new contract for 2015, in which the quarterback takes a pay cut of $ 4 million to provide the team more money to move in the free agency, which opens March 10.

Manning will earn $ 15 million in base salary in 2015 and incentives.

The contract won’t be finalized until results of Manning’s physical exam are back, which is scheduled for the next 24 hours, sources said.

There are also several other minor details on Manning’s contract that must be finalized, according to those sources.

If both parties agree and sign off on this new contract, Manning will be entering his 18th NFL season.

He was drafted first overall position in 1998 by the Indianapolis Colts.

Under Manning’s original 2012 contract, Denver signed him as a free agent.

“Its one thing to play and wear the uniform and another to actually contribute and help,” explained Manning.” And that’s all I’ve ever wanted in football.”

Manning closed the 2014 season with 4,727 passing yards, 39 touchdowns and 15 interceptions. It definitely wouldn’t have been possible without his exceptional medical staff that includes one HCRC placement.

Marshawn Lynch Expected to Run in Super Bowl

Lynch was Expecting to Run Football

Anyone who has seen all of Super Bowl 49 knows that the game could’ve ended with the Seattle Seahawks hoisting the Lombardi Trophy for the second year in a row. However, it ended quite differently, and even running back Marshawn Lynch has spoken on how he felt about the game.

Fans like Gianfrancesco Genoso ( know that, in spite of his huge reputation for not wanting to talk to the media, Lynch himself decided to speak willingly to them for the first time since the game ended. Interestingly enough, he was speaking to a Turkish journalist while traveling in Turkey along with other NFL players like DeAngelo Hall and Gary Barnidge.

When speaking to the Turkish journalist, Lynch stated that “to be honest with you, I would be lying if I didn’t tell you that I was expecting the ball. Yes, I was expecting the ball. But in life, these things happen. Like I told a reporter after the game, it’s a team sport.”

Essentially, this means that he was expecting the Seahawks to run on the final offensive play of the game, a sentiment that most other Seahawks fans and football fans can sympathize with. Lynch himself further said he didn’t mind the choice of play call itself but given the situation at the time, it’s almost certain that the game may have ended differently, meaning in favor of the Seattle Seahawks.

Wrestlemania 31 Predictions

John Cena will be facing Rusev at Wrestlemania. Cena and Rusev have been feuding for the last several months. The mighty Russian continues to embarrass the fading American star. John Cena has not won a match in a very long time, and Rusev is on a path of destruction.

John Cena may appear weak and helpless now, but he will most likely defeat Rusev at Wrestlemania. The WWE is setting up Rusev to be a top heel. Expect a good match between the two, and you should expect John Cena to get the victory. Wrestlemania will be the big payoff for the good guys this year.

Wrestlemania 31 will also be special for Sting. Fans like Haidar Barbouti know that he will be competing for the first time ever in the WWE. Sting and Triple H have had an ongoing feud for the last several months, and Wretlemania will be the climax. Expect Sting to go over and beat Triple H.

Finally, we get to Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns. This match has me a bit worried. Brock Lesnar is a monster, and no one should defeat him. However, I feel that the WWE will have Roman Reigns take down the monster that is Brock Lesnar. I don’t feel that Reigns is ready for this big victory. Roman Reigns is a good talent, but he lacks personality.

For more information on the WWE, visit RollingStone.

North American Spine Making a Difference in Athletes Lives

North American Spine has been working really hard to help make athletes lives that much easier.  Considering the difficulty that they’ve had to face, athletes deserve to have healthy retirements, but many of them retire with horrible back pain.

But NAS is coming up with some pretty revolutionary techniques for helping people overcome almost any type of pain.

North American Spine is known for providing the AccuraScope procedure to the world and has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. The organization recently celebrated 6 years of this procedure. AccuraScope is a spine surgery that is minimally invasive and has helped many patients with back pain issues. The success of this procedure stems from its superior technology combined with years of research, and its minimally invasive nature. A lot of patients are scared of invasive procedures and AccuraScope takes care of this.

Dr. Darren Schumacher explained how pleased North American Spine was over the success of this procedure. He also explained that the treatment could end up providing lasting relief to sufferers of back pain. AccuraScope might change the direction of the industry when it comes to back pains that are notorious for having no real solution. It can hamper day-to-day life of patents because, in most cases, the pain starts slowly and becomes excruciating with time and age.

As per research, the success rate enjoyed by the procedure has been a whopping 82%. Apart from that, patients also end up saving money. Choosing AccuraScope can help to save money on medications and visits to the hospital and it is estimated that an average patient could save about $23,190 in 5 years.

The experts at North American Spine have received specialized training and education in Interventional Pain Management, Neurosurgery and Orthopedic Spine Surgery. The goal of the procedure is to pinpoint the real cause behind chronic pain. This is done with the help of diagnostic tools and high def. cameras. After the diagnosis is finished, advanced tools are used for the treatment of the pain. The best thing about AccuraScope is that the procedure – which is outpatient in nature – doesn’t take more than 45 minutes.

There are many success stories associated with AccuraScope and the most popular among them is that of Larry Gatlin. Larry Gatlin was a chronic pain sufferer and with the help of AccuraScope, the popular country singer and songwriter’s leg pain was treated. The singer said that he has been made anew because of the treatment. The mild soreness that he now feels is a huge improvement over the excruciating pain in his leg that he had to suffer through for almost 47 years.

North American Spine was also nominated for the prestigious “Greater Dallas Business Ethics Award” recently for all its achievements in the past 6 years and the real services it has provided to its patients.

Lesnar VS. Mir 3

Frank Mir recently knocked out Bigfoot Silva in the first round of their main event fight. Mir was on a 4-fight losing streak, and he was thought to be finished. Frank Mir stunned the world with his knockout victory over Bigfoot Silva. Mir’s victory could bring a lot of money to the UFC.

Brock Lesnar and Frank Mir each have a win over each other. Lesnar’s WWE contract it set to expire after this year’s Wrestlemania. Lesnar has long been debating a return to the UFC. Frank Mir vs. Brock Lesnar three would be a huge event.

Fans like Marcio Alaor BMG ( know that The UFC has gone through a ton of controversy, and the company needs a big event like this to ease the scrutiny. Frank Mir would most likely beat Brock Lesnar in a third fight, but it would still be fun to watch. Lesnar is an attraction, and he is the biggest star in the WWE and UFC.

Brock Lesnar is a freak athlete, and the people love to watch him. He is a massive man with talent. Lesnar is one of the best legitimate wrestlers in all of MMA. His strength and speed only enhance his freakish genetics. Hopefully Frank Mir vs. Brock Lesnar 3 can come to fruition.

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