Jon Urbana to Support Earth Force Inc. Through a Fundraising Campaign

Earth Force works hard in preparing our youth to become participants and activists in enhancing their neighborhood surroundings with an accentuation on the excellence of our common earth. As a creator of a lacrosse camp, he portrays how he has the joy of working with our youth all the time.

I’m ceaselessly inspired by the level of consideration and dedication shown by our campers for making the environment clean, said Urbana on Facebook. Jon also said in a Twitter statement that in supporting Earth Force, they have selected one of the most appropriate advocates around.

A Denver-based, Earth Force is a charitable association that works towards a superior and also the cleaner environment and to achieve the same goals, Next Level Lacrosse Camp’s Jon Urbana has begun a group financing effort on Go Fund Me with an objective of raising $1750.

Through contributing to the fundraiser, individuals will get recognition on Urbana’s website, and have the capacity to straightforwardly bolster Earth Force Inc. and at last contribute towards a cleaner, greener, and more advantageous environment to live in. Urbana became a vocal proponent for environmental causes after the FAA recognized him and gave him a prestigious award.

It will not be the first time for the Business Development Head for Ellipse USA; Jon Urbana has begun a pledge drive on Crowdrise too. Presently, he has begun another financing effort to bolster ARAS. Jon has an about page on his website that expresses his confidence in improving this world, a great place to live in, and puts accentuation on the force that the masses and youth hold in doing this effectively.

A site like Go-fund-me gives an extraordinary stage to the clients to begin any battle independent from anyone else and raise reserves for a beneficent reason. With the greater part of the general population and organizations getting on the web, it turns into a decent choice to utilize such stages to create concern about such societal or ecological issues and include individuals in the same.

Most of the young folks Urbana knows are busy on the internet, including online sites like TheVerge and Amazon, so Urbana has active pages on both sites.

And since all the kids are listening to MTV these days, Urbana’s music page is now up there too.

If you don’t have the loot to donate, you should at least share his campaign video with your friends.


The BMG announced its newest sponsored the tennis player Marcelo Melo. The company signed a commercial agreement with the athlete who currently occupies the number 1 position in the world ranking of the ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals).Speaking at the announcement; Guimares said the Minas Gerais bank logo would be displayed on the sleeves of his kit. It includes the uniform, training and other Marcelo materials.


The sponsorship will go a long way in assisting Marcelo Melo prepare for next year’s Olympics in Rio.Ricardo Guimares reiterated the importance of the partnership to the bank and player. Marcelo also mentioned the support of the team with his partner Ivan Dodig helped win the doubles champion in Paris 1000 master trophy.


Marcelo Melo got the good news at the celebration of his new victory. It was the 4th consecutive victory for the Brazilian this year. He has won the ATP’s 500 Acapulco, Tokyo master 1000, Shanghai Master 1000, Vienna master 1000 and Roland Garros.Banco BMG’s decision to sponsor the player continues its tradition of sponsoring highly talented players. It seeks highly hardworking, disciplined and committed players to their sport for they enshrine the values BMG holds closest to its heart. Ricardo Guimares said it’s crucial to support athletes who continue your brand strategy.


Banco BMG is also the leading sponsor of sports teams around the country. It sponsors over 100 teams in Mina’s state alone. It has allowed it to gain a huge following for soccer is practically a religion in Brazil. It also sponsors other sports like basketball, volleyball and racing.


Banco BMG is a bank based in Bero Horizonte but with a broad nationwide reach. It has the biggest distribution network in Brazil with 3000 branches and 50000 agents. The Guimares family founded it in 1930.It is today the largest consigned credit lender in Brazil. It controls 80% of the market a position shared with 62 other banks. It has attained this enviable position thanks to the leadership of Mr. Roicardo Guimares.


Guimares has been with the bank since 1980.In 1989; he was promoted to the post of the financial officer. In 96 he became the vice president and president in 2004.He is a well-known business leader in Brazil. He advises those seeking to do business in Brazil to hire only the very best and work very hard. He is a committed philanthropist and led BMG through various charities.


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Dog Health Starts With A Good Food

You’ve just bought the cutest little puppy and they don’t have a care in this world. They seem healthy according to all observations. They have the typical puppy breath and they have the wet nose to add to it. However, what you may not realize is that you must start now in preparing for their future as a healthy dog. “You are what you eat” and it pays to do some research into a proper diet early on that can be found in Beneful. Puppies don’t eat what adult dogs do, but did you know that many of the brands on the market today are full of sugars that are likely to cause your dogs to have diabetes and other obesity problems later on in life? It’s true, while an extra 10-20 pounds may just be slightly overweight to you, to an animal it can mean a shortened life span.

Most new pet owners are really clueless when it comes to what is a proper nutritious meal for a dog. Sure, we put lots of efforts into finding ourselves a good meal plan on, but many don’t put that much attention into their dog’s daily regimen. This is because most people think of them as family on one end, but on the other end they realize they are just a pet. Those who go to the store and pick out the cheapest food in the biggest bags are feeding their dogs nothing but by-products and junk. Junk that I may remind you can be detrimental to your dog’s health later on.

The thing that you must do is get your veterinarian involved in their healthcare, even their diet early on. Ask your vet which dog foods word and which ones to avoid. Some, like Beneful, have been around for quite some time. They are made by Purina, which is a subsidiary of the Nestle Company. So starting with a company that has a name you can trust is always helpful. You also want to look at foods that have stood the test of time on the marketplace. There are numerous new foods that have made their appearance on the marketplace, but will they be here in another 10 years? It’s hard to say, but read consumer reports and make sure you are getting what your little dog needs from the beginning.

Beneful is a company that uses whole grains and puts plenty of love into each bag they create. That’s because their employees are part of the creation process by allowing their dogs to come to work and help with taste testing. Each company has some unique features, but Purina Beneful encourages their employees to bring their pets to work and they utilize this time for development. If the employees’ dogs eat the product and stand behind it, then it is good enough for the consumers.

Getting a puppy is about more than just the initial investment. It takes a lot of money to raise a dog right. While they need veterinarian care, plenty of time and love, they also need the right food in their bellies each night. When they come to the end of their lifespan, you want to avoid problems caused from obesity like diabetes, an enlarged heart and hip and joint issues.

Lacrosse Camps Can Inspire Youth

Lacrosse camps are a great place for young people to go to when they want to do something positive with their lives. When a young person wants to further the love that they have for the sport there is no one greater to tell them about the sport and to teach them some tricks for playing it than professionals who have made a career out of it. So, when a young person wants to take the sport that they love a bit more seriously, then they are going to want to find a lacrosse camp and attend it.
One of the greatest lacrosse camps around is the Next Level Lacrosse Camp. This camp was founded by Jon Urbana, a former lacrosse player and entrepreneur. and when someone attends the camp they will be learning from people who know a lot about the sport. They will be able to take their playing to the next level, and they will enjoy the time that they spend at the camp.
The Next Level Lacrosse Camp has been doing amazing things since opening up in Colorado, and already the lacrosse camp has been able to change the lives of some of the teens who have attended it. Everyone who has gone to the camp has come away feeling inspired by the sport and the new way in which they can play it.
There really isn’t anything better for a youth to do with their time than to attend a camp that focuses on the things that they love, and when a teen attends a lacrosse camp they will find themselves falling all the more in love with this sport. They’ll find themselves feeling inspired by all that they learn, and they might even decide to start taking the sport more seriously so as to make it a career for themselves one day.

Purina Employees Stand Behind Beneful In New PR Campaign

“I Stand Behind Beneful” is the name, and message, behind Nestle Purina Petcare’s newest ad campaign. Beneful is one of the company’s highest selling dog food brands. According to the company, over 9 million households feed Beneful on walmart to their pet. It also a product completely manufactured, and sold, in the United States. The ad campaign focuses on the employees of the Atlanta area production facility.

In a series of testimonial style videos, they attest to high standards of production that the company adheres to. Labeled a “not on our watch” style effort, these men and women show their commitment to the PurinaStore Beneful brand as pet owners as well as employees. Based upon their own knowledge of the production standards at the plant, these men and women have chosen to feed Beneful to their own dogs.
The campaign began as kind of rallying cry within the company. According the company’s PR website the sentiment for the message was so strong, they made it a national campaign. It is the company’s effort to counter the negative image generated by a class action lawsuit filed in February. Employees featured in the campaign speak highly about the quality of production, the commitment of their team, and their own personal belief in the product. The image campaign first hit the market in an advertisement the Sunday edition of the New York Times. This is accompanied by a digital and television component.

All of these feature the Atlanta based facility’s employees and their furry best friends. The passion of the employees are difficult to ignore as they speak to customers not as employees of the company, but as pet owners. Owners who care deeply about what they are feeding to their pets. The details can be viewed at this website,

Andy Wirth; Enhancing Operation Excellence of Reno City Airport will Boost Economic Growth


The new look of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board is an amazing one; it has appointed new members and a new chair. The Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitor’s Authority selected Wirth to chair a team of nine members. The new members that were appointed include Jessica Sferrazza, Lisa Gianoli and Jeniffer Rose.

Wirth noted that the future of the airport looks bright since the appointment of new people will bring fresh minds and new ideas. He trusts they will restore the real fun that is accompanied with traveling. The news release clearly indicates Wirth was appointed on merit basis. He has an excellent track of record of working with various airlines and he contributed to the establishment of more flights for resorts in Canada, Utah, and Colorado.

He expressed his joy of representing the RSCVA and leading a field that produces high revenues for the Reno City. He believes top-notch air service is important to the Ski industry. It is also a way to attract investors and enhance the tourism industry. He has organized a team of visionary employees and board members to attract more flights to the Reno city.

Sferrazza is the founder of JESSCONVLLC, a company enjoying the global status, she was appointed by the Reno City. Rose is also appointed by the Reno City; she is the CEO of My Community Store. Gianoli was appointed by Washoe County.

He loves skydiving and in October 2013, he was involved in severe accident after accidentally missing his targeted landing point. His right arm suffered a countable number of severe injuries. He has today fully recovered and back on duty. He appreciates the support he got from friends and families during his recovery period. He has organized a team called Special Warfare Warrior that specializes in helping Naval Special Warfare Community and its families. He notes that people working in the Navy have sacrificed a lot and requires to be supported.

Andy Wirth is the President and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. His efforts and dedication have helped the ski area to increase its revenue due to a large number of tourists attracted. He attended Colorado State University and graduated with Bachelor of Science degree . He also joined Edinburgh University in Scotland. He is an active philanthropist, and he has held a leadership position in various community organizations. He was recently appointed as Reno- Tahoe Airport Authority Boards’ Chairman. He is also a supporter of the clean energy plan that aims to reduce carbon pollution from various power plants in the U.S.

The Amazing Success of Matt Landis in Lacrosse

matt landis player of the week
Matt Landis is an individual who has been able to create a great deal of success for himself in the world of Lacrosse. The 2015 season was very good for Matt Landis as he was awarded many achievements that have helped him to move forward in the world of athletics.

matt landis black and white

Matt Landis has also given Notre Dame a great deal of positive press as he has achieved all of these great awards in the 2015 season. It seems as there is only one direction for Matt Landis to head and that is up.

matt landis pinterest
Matt Landis was just awarded Epoch/LM Player of the Week. He was also awarded First Team All-American, and the NCAA defensive player of the year. This goes to show that hard work really does pay off in the end. Matt Landis also has a great deal of academic success as well.

matt landis pads

With a 3.6 GPA it is easy to see that Matt Landis not only works hard on the field, but he also works hard in the classroom as well. This gives Matt Landis a very bright future with the skills that he is beginning to develop. It will only be a matter of time before the world sees the greatness

Working To Provide Eleate Services To Everyone Through Nolilis.

Nobilis health is a leading full service health care and development company that works to bring world class surgery to people across the national scene. This company strives to do nothing more than to bring health to those around the United States. It does not matter what it is they are offering but instead the quality of care that goes along with it. Patients often look for a place that can offer the treatment they are looking for but instead they should be looking at how the place treats them a person. It needs to be done with the most care as possible. This means that people need to search for a health care system that is not solely about quantity but instead quality. All the care in the world is what heals. If you want to go for quantity you will not be receiving the same wonderful type of treatment.

Nobilis Healthcare Inc. is a well-known company on cantechletter continues to increase their revenue but that it is not their only goal. Their goal is to affect each individual in a way to provide them with the best possible care. Offering a team of doctors who work together to help each and every patient seek an experience that is tailored to them as an individual. Nobilis realizes that often, what works for one client does not work for another area. That provides a reason for the company to work as a team. If they are to work alone than what a client needs is often neglected. What one doctor has not stumbled upon in his extensive research, another has,
wouldn’t, you, prefer to have more than one brain working for you?

Most of us would prefer that, because it often means that what has not happened yet, will. It gives a client a lot more faith in the ability of the doctor and consequential treatment team. It makes great sense because they can continue to work as best as they can to stop the illnesses. It brings a greater understanding to the world of health care. Most want to deal with a few rather than one. It is also important that the patient is not only able to feel that the doctors are knowledgeable but to also have a sense of reduced anxiety which comes with trusting in the doctor, over time. When a patient sees that a practice goes above and beyond to make sure that they are comfortable. They return over and over.

This is why Nobilis continues to evaluate what it is doing for clients and repeats it as needed. If they are getting the help that they need or deserve it allows many to get away from the struggle. After all people just want every chance they have.

Impersonator Sergio Cortes Brings Michael Jackson Back To Life

If you miss Michael Jackson and long to see him perform once again, then you should check out a Sergio Cortes video or attend one of his live shows. Sergio Cortes is hands down the best Michael Jackson impersonator on the planet. He has Michael’s dance moves and mannerisms down cold and Cortes looks exactly like the king of pop. Many people are shocked when they see Sergio Cortes perform. Some are convinced it’s a hologram of Michael Jackson. But as the people in Barcelona, Spain have known for years, Sergio Cortes is the spitting image of Michael Jackson.

Sergio Cortes looks so much like Michael Jackson it’s almost frightening. And he doesn’t need make-up for people to see the resemblance. Ever since he was a child people were amazed at how much Cortes looked like the king of pop. Their hair, faces, and body types are exactly the same. Plus he does Michael’s dance moves so flawlessly he leaves people stunned. Cortes has been mimicking Michael’s moves since he first saw him perform with the Jackson 5 when Cortes was a child. At first he just did the moves to entertain his family and friends. But by the time he was a teen, Cortes was a regular on television and live shows in Spain.

People from all over the country travelled to Barcelona to see him perform and take his picture. He was constantly profiled in newspapers and magazines in Spain. When he moved to Brazil he immediately became a South American celebrity. He regularly visited sick children and did his dance moves to put a smile on their faces. His shows were always sold out and he was in great demand worldwide. For thousands of Michael Jackson fans it’s amazing to see Sergio Cortes bring the king of pop back to life. Many of them are incredulous when they see Cortes moonwalking across the stage singing Michael’s classic songs.

For Sergio Cortes impersonating Michael Jackson is a labor of love. He’s idolized Michael since he was a child. To Cortes his act is just his small way of keeping Michael’s legacy alive. Millions of music fans see it as the closest they’ll ever get to seeing Michael Jackson perform ever again and they cherish the moment. Many are in disbelief when they see Cortes work the crowd. They agree Sergio Cortes is the best Michael Jackson impersonator ever.

The Best Michael Jackson Impersonator In World

Sergio Cortes, 44, didn’t set out to be a Michael Jackson impersonator; it’s just something that happened on its on. Cortes is a naturally talented dancer, and when he was a young boy growing up in Barcelona, Spain, he would often dance on his own for fun, imitating the stars he saw on television and in movies. He loved to mimic Michael Jackson’s dance moves in particular, and many people around him noticed how good he was at doing this.

As Cortes got older, people remarked on his uncanny resemblance to Michael Jackson. He continued doing Michael Jackson dance moves, and finally put together a complete impersonation by dressing like the star as well. A local reporter did a feature on Cortes and posted a video of him dancing on the Internet, and it went viral. Suddenly, Cortes realized he could have a career.

Today, Cortes lives in Brazil, and he does Michael Jackson impersonations full-time. Because of his striking resemblance to Jackson (this is a natural, not a result of surgery), and his ability to duplicate Jackson’s iconic dance moves, he is generally regarded as the best Michael Jackson impersonator in the world. He does shows all over South America, and the continent is his home base.

Recently, Cortes has been taking his act overseas and doing shows in Europe. He is poised to break in North America as well.

The Internet remains a big factor in Cortes’ success. His Facebook page has nearly 18,000 likes, and videos of him are often shared by people seeing him for the first time. Essentially, Cortes’ act is something that has to be seen to believed, and the Internet allows people to discover what he does.

As Cortes gains popularity, he is able to make his stage show more and more elaborate. The sound, lighting and other production values are getting closer to those in Jackson’s legendary performances, and he is able to employ more and more back-up dancers and supporting musicians as well for his act.

Cortes always portrays Jackson in a way that’s highly respectful; he’s clearly still as much of a fan as he was back in the 1980’s. Essentially, he’s just taking his own love of Jackson’s work in front of audiences. While it’s a terrible tragedy that people can’t see the real King of Pop anymore, seeing Cortes is great substitute.