About Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual property law is that law known to deal with the regulations enforcing and securing the legal rights to artistic works, designs as well as inventions. The objective of these laws is to protect ownership of the real estates and personal property. Correspondingly, this law provides the same form of protection for and to the restricted control of intangible property.

These laws came into existence so that they could give incentive so that every individual could learn how to come up with creative things that could benefit the society. These laws make sure that these individuals can gain from their creativity, without worrying about interference from other people. Most nations of the world have drafted constitutions that offer express authority to give inventors and writers elite rights to their original creations.

Patents permit investors the capability to handle their products in the market environs or to also get profit from them though transferring their right to another individual of their choice. These patents rights are believed to have a long validity period, roughly 20 years, depending on the invention type. The things that are eligible for right patent security include new machines, manufactured goods, and technological improvements. Nevertheless, it is crucial to note that a person could be denied this right of protection in instances where the invention is confirmed morally offensive in its make, or when it is not of use.

Trademarks are believed to offer security to slogans, names and even symbols used to identify services and goods. They are critical in helping consumers differentiate one brand of the item from the other, discouraging ambiguous advertisements and helps keep uncertainty at bay. The main purpose of a trademark is to make a distinction, and this may actually mean that the descriptive or generic marks may not be capable of qualifying. The above-mentioned rights can, in fact, last eternally. Owners are permitted to register their marks for better and more protection though it is not a crucial prerequisite.

Copyrights are intellectual property rights used in intellectual and artistic expressions, architecture, music, and writings. Nonetheless, this protection is not allowed for ideas and theories and anything not presented in fixed medium.

When one obtains or creates rights to a unique thing, it is crucial to getting an intellectual property lawyer so that they can guard their interests. An attorney could also come in handy when one is accused of infringement to aid in fighting back.

One of the greatest attorneys in this field of intellectual property rights is Frans Schoeman. He is presently the Director at Phatsima Diamond. Phatsima Diamond is a legal firm located in South Africa, Bellville. Frans Graduated from the University of Free State. He is actually highly recognized as a very motivated superior specializing legal representative. Frans is known to possess a great experience and stamina in the knowledge of business law, intellectual property law and commercial or corporate law. He has vast knowledge in these fields and would recommend anyone needing advice or an attorney to represent in court.

Dr. Jennifer Walden And Her Many Accomplishments

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a thriving plastic surgeon located in Austin, Texas. She is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Jennifer was formerly located in in New York City, but she decided to move her practice to Austin because she wanted her twin sons to be closer to family. Dr. Walden is frequently on television in an advisory capacity, and she can be seen on several reality television shows. She has many accolades in the plastic surgery field and stays busy, but she is also a successful author. Since she has completed her residency she has thrived in the field of cosmetic surgery and consultation, and has become one of the most in demand plastic surgeons due to her high standards of medical ethics and overall work ethic.

Dr. Walden moved her family to Texas because she is an Austin native. She was a soccer play, and she also graduated with BA in in Biology from the University of Texas Austin. She even went on to get her Medical Doctorate from another Texas school, The University of Texas Medical Branch, and she graduated Salutatorian with the highest honors in her speciality. She helped to hone her craft a long way from home in Miami when she did her externship at the famous Plastic Surgery Associates.

When Dr. Walden was still in New York she was an Attending at Lenox Hospital and for Plastic Surgery at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat. She was also an instructor at New York University Langone Medical Center as well as affiliations at the Seton Hospital, Saint David’s North Austin Medical Center, Westlake Medical Center, and Hill Country Medical Center in Austin where she has opened an additional plastic surgery practice.

Dr. Walden is especially concerned with women’s health issues due to being one of the only female surgeons that’s a board certified plastic surgeon in Texas that was fellowship-trained. Her concerns for women’s health primarily are in breast health to prevent cancer, self-empowerment and becoming the sole decision maker for a women’s venture into in plastic surgery.

As far as the media goes, Dr. Walden is consulted on issues like mommy makeovers, teenage plastic surgery, low invasive procedures, cutting edge technology in the field of plastic surgery celebrity plastic surgery, soft-tissue injecting, breast implants and overall medical advice as it relates to cosmetic surgery. All of her accomplishments still allow her to be an involved mother and an accomplished author. She’s published many research papers, and she was the co-author and editor of an acclaimed textbook.

Susan McGalla: Proactive vs. Reactive

People have two choices on how to live life. They could live life from a proactive standpoint, or they could live from a reactive standpoint. The difference between the two is that while reactive is just taking things as they come and waiting for life to give something to a person, proactive is actually going out for something that is desirable. While the saying that good things come to those who wait is a popular saying, Susan McGalla understands that this saying is actually a faulty saying. Not that it is not true, but there is a little difference to what is said and how reality plays out.

While Susan doesn’t “wait” for a good thing to come her way, she is very patient. She has moved forward with her goals and brought forth a great enterprise that is beneficial to women and other people as well. Susan McGalla understands that waiting for something can result in someone missing out on a good thing as opposed to actually going for it. It is when one goes for it when they start to get a lot of offers. Susan McGalla herself has received a lot of good for her efforts. The greatest thing has received is her own successful enterprise and all of the advantages that come with it.

One thing that makes Susan McGalla such a successful proactive businesswoman is that she was raised in a family that truly treated everyone equally. She was raised around brothers. She was still treated as one of the boys to her father. There was no differential treatment. She was not given any lighter treatment on the basis of her gender. She was taught the value of working towards her goals and the feeling of satisfaction from reaching those goals. She was raised fairly and she brings that to other aspects of her life including her business.

Susan McGalla is one great example of how one a proactive life can take one a lot further along the path that is desired as opposed to being taken on an undesirable road. When one lives a proactive life, she has better control over the outcome, ans Susan McGalla has definitely exercised control over her outcome. She did not let anyone dictate to her what she should do with her life. She made the decision to run a successful business. As a result, she has an example that someone else could look to. She also encourages people to be more proactive and not focus on how they have less than the next person.

Android Apps Revolution Of The Net

Centuries are counting and times are greatly changing. Every aspect around us is changing but the most notable one is technology. Previously, the world was only used to face to face communication and exploitative network providers who joy rode on the fact that they were the only one. The web then crawled into existence with Yahoo, Lycos, AOL, Hotmail and Netscape.

In 1998 September 4th, Mr. Larry Page and Mr. Sergey Brin took matters a notch higher and introduced Google which has since accelerated the revolution of the net. In September 23 2008, the same company introduced the Android feature and the mobile phone industry has never been the same again. History was made really fast and the future ushered in a unique style.

The app developers followed suit and virtually everything in the current world has an app for it. It’s possible to get cooking recipes online and save a gruesome parental torture and pinch in the name of teaching. Online dating seems to be the in thing in the 21st century. No more jumping around and spending large amounts of cash for entertainment on the pitch. Just get comfortable on your coach with a pillow under your head and legs stretched on the coffee table, scroll your app page, choose the best game app and get entertained.

The introduction of Android has ensured that everything in, about and around an individual can be done on phone. The friend lists on ones phone with a vast of friendship apps completes the individual’s interaction life.

However, dating apps seems to be getting all the hype as they are flooded all over Google Play and Play store. One such app is Christian Wiklund and Nik Lindstrom’s Skout on zendesk. Skout is an online android app that is used for flirting. It is a platform where both adults and teens can join legally unlike others restricted to adults only. This feature arguably makes this the best flirting app since there are options of logging in as an adult or a teen. The teen option has a number of restrictions. However, it risks the teen logging in as an adult.

Skout is unique as users post on their timelines, add photos and are notified when a new user joins the app from a geographical location they lay in. users are also allowed to comment on others’ posts and photos.

Besides flirting, the app added a travel feature where users virtually tour new places with the help of other uses located there. Some of the virtual trips turn into vacations and sometimes involves the users who met via the app. The 220 million user app attained up to 10 million users as a result of the added travel feature. The app is also popular among celebrities.

However, it is good to note that some users of these android apps don’t use their own names and profile photos and also there profiles are usually made up. This attracts people with ill intentions.

A Hobbyist’s Guide to Contributing to Wikipedia

Having a favorite hobby leads to feeling a tremendous amount of passion. Interests in certain subjects or activities become more than things done to pass the time. A tremendous amount of enthusiasm may lead some to want to share their knowledge about their passion. Writing is a great way to do this. In addition to blogging or making social media musings, creating Wiki pages or contributing to ones already in existence is a path worth exploring.

Contributing to Wiki
A person with a love for history could always add things to general Wiki pages that cover well-known (and not-so-well-known) historical events. Others may have esoteric knowledge about “geeky” or “nerdy” things and add their two-cents to pages related to such topics. Others might even create interesting pages for niche audiences.

Doing so is not all that difficult. Wikipedia service does not put a huge number of stumbling blocks in front of people who would like to add to the site. Contributing to a Wiki page requires little more than following a few simple instructions to edit an established entry. Once the changes are made, simply saving the changes/additions and providing notes on what edits were made are all that is required. Creating a page totally from nothing requires very little extra work. Even those who are new to writing and editing online are welcomed on Wiki.

Drawing a Large Audience
Devising such a page might even elevate a niche interest into something with wider appeal. If there are few resources available on the topic, the Wiki page associated with the subject is likely to end up in the top three listings of the search engines. A lot of eyes are going to turn to the site. Hopefully, the page is going to end up making a really great impression on the reader. This is where newbies run into problems.

Get Help from a Top Wiki Writing Service
For those who are creating an original page and want the page to always maintain high standards of grammar and language, working with a Wikipedia writing service is suggested. Get Your Wiki is a provider capable of editing anything published on Wiki. The service might even be able to handle a portion (or all) of the original writing to ensure high quality. Monitoring work is available to reduce the presence and impact of spammers or poor quality contributors. Through working with Get Your Wiki, the page will always look professional and read well.

Crafting a Wiki page as a hobby does not mean standards become an afterthought. Ultimately, the finished result is only going to be impressive when done right.

Makeup That Goes Pop!

Makeup brands that stand the test of time have to have a few things in common. They need to go on beautifully and wear well. Some brands that have been around for decades have lasted because they really “get the job done,” as far as staying on and enhancing a woman’s natural beauty without melting off in a short amount of time.

Other brands stay around for the long term because they bring a sense of something lasting that appeals to women who want a look that will work for them long range. Those brands, like Cover Girl, Maybelline and Avon in the lower priced range have delivered to their customers year after year, even while tipping a hat to the new trends that present themselves in the industry.

What’s interesting is that even though many women stay very loyal to certain brands that have always worked for them, there is still plenty of room for innovators to enter the market with ideas that are a bit different. Often it’s these innovators who shake things up and change the way even some of the most “tried and true” brands do their business. One of today’s most interestingly innovative makeup brands is Lime Crime, which is a wildly colorful, grunge-infuenced company created by Russian emigre Doe Deere on ideamensch.


Lime Crime, whose name simply came from Deere when the words rolled off her tongue in an idea meeting, is all about color and all about letting girls get wild with their beauty looks. Today’s young women (or women who are truly young at heart) want makeup that goes on well and stays on, but it’s Deere’s notion that they also want makeup that has an impact that speaks to the rock and rock feeling of being young today.

The products offered by Lime Crime offer colors in bright and bold hues that make a real statement. The lipsticks from Lime Crime come with a fanciful feel, like the Unicorn Lipsticks that go on with a kissable matte look that’s as pouty as it is pretty. The range of colors in these lipsticks and lip glosses is truly astounding, with hues that go from light pink to purple to hot pink and electric blue. There’s really something here for women of every color tone and every kind of taste.


Lime Crime adds an extra edge of glam with its Zodiac Glitter pots. These iridescent glitters come ready to apply with the brand’s “Glitter Helper” adhesive, and the overall look is one that’s absolutely ready to rock. These glitters look great on top of Lime Crime’s grunge eyeshadows, too.

For women who are ready to bust out from choosing only the tried and true, Lime Crime is a fashionable choice that makes a statement that is edgy yet beautiful, too.

How to Work Towards a Hedge Fund Manager Position

Hedge funds are risky business, being in control of ever growing investments and the fortunes of others, its important that everyone on a team is confident in their position. Hedge fund managers are the most successful individuals in a management company, making the biggest trades and sales, and pulling in the highest dollar amounts. It is also a position that comes with a lot of responsibility and experience, often being given to the individuals that have had a lot of time trading and working with a specific management company. If you are just starting out in the business and financial fields and want to work your way towards a hedge fund manager position there are several things you can do to increase your chances.

Most hedge fund managers like Ken Griffin have been with their company for several years, so in this business longevity counts. Most managers start with the businesses that they stay with for their entire careers, while people that are always trying to work up the ladder but unable to make much progress because they have not been with the company for too long. By staying with the same company you have shown your loyalty, are familiar with the way a specific management company does business, and have proven that when you are a manager you will stick with the company. Therefor, before accepting a position with any hedge fund it is important that you do your homework and check out the different companies you are interested in applying at to make sure that you choose the best fit.

A huge part of investing for a hedge fund is all about taking risks and doing so with confidence. Investing is a risky business, and even though your investments might not always pan out and garner you huge profits, you want to make sure that you are earning at all times. This takes a lot of experience, practice, and trading savvy, but above all it takes confidence and the ability to make snap decisions. If you hesitate at all over the investments that you are going to be making, you can miss the window and might not be able to make the incredible profits that are needed to set you apart in this field. Therefore, if you are interested in this field and want to manage a hedge fund, you need to trade with confidence and be able to make decisions fast.

Another important thing that everyone entering the field can do is study and trace the careers of important hedge fund managers like, Kenneth Griffin. Currently the CEO of Citadel LLC, Griffin has a career that young financiers can learn a lot from. With every step of his financial career he was able to gain some experience that served him well in his next position, and this is what you need to do when you are moving through the hedge fund management ranks. There will always be positions that can give you new tools to be used as a hedge fund manager.

Slyce Takes Image Recognition to the Next Level

Smartphones has allowed the desire to reach a level that has allowed users to discover ways to accomplish tasks conveniently. Technology is changing everyday in order to accommodate to the busy lifestyle that this generation leads. In order to stay on top of all of these changes, companies must continue to develop apps or innovate apps that enhances the way users process, locate and present what they want.

An example of this, would be integrating retailers with a way to utilize visual search tools in a mobile app in order to provide shoppers the ability to take advantage of image recognition. Slyce, is a visual search company that has revolutionized this idea, and gained popularity. This Canadian based company is predicted to balloon over the next couple of years and take lead over the world of image recognition.

Slyce, processes images through a visual search in order to find a match for the users of the app. They are contracted with multiple retailers that use this form of technology in order to increase profits and revenue. The user can take a picture or find an image run it through the systematic process that Slyce has developed, and locate a product match. Their system has such a high level of accuracy, that it breaks down every component of the image in order to pair it with a retailer that offers the product. This allows the user to purchase the item through the retailer.

Not only does this innovation in technology benefit consumers, but retailers benefit from the app as well. Consumers download the Slyce app on their smartphones, take a picture of an item they are in search of, the app passes the information on to a retailer that has the exact item. Throughout the process the consumer is directed to the retailer and voila, a match is made. Slyce has an image library that they filter the picture through. After careful examination, and recognition is made, then consumers have the optio of a one-click purchase.

This takes image recognition to a whole new level, not just through matching pictures, Slyce is looking at the possibility of alternate methods of product identification. This is going to be done through methods such as bar scanning and video recognition. Consumers with smartphones are able to strap on to the world of e-commerce and locate an item, whether it’s through a gift registry or through an online retailer.

Recognition shopping provides a solution to locating hard to find items, or simply finding the time to shop with a busy schedule. Unlike other companies, Slyce has managed to obtain funding in order to continue to create advancements in image recognition. It is through this funding that Slyce has been able to provide enhancements to their app.

Dog Health and How Beneful Will Help Promote a Long and Happy Life

We all know how important it is to keep ourselves healthy. But what about our most loyal companions? It is just as important that we ensure that man’s best friend stays just as healthy as we do. Just like their owners, dogs need regular exercise, a maintained hygiene and proper nutrition from Beneful to be as healthy as they possibly can. These things can help your dog to live longer, and it will continue to benefit them as they get older.

Regular exercise can help your dog maintain a healthy weight, reducing the chances of heart and joint issues. If dogs are active when they are younger, it will continue to benefit their health as they grow older. Much like being healthy at younger ages benefits us as we get older! Not only does regular exercise help with a dog’s physical health, but it helps with their mental health as well. It can help calm young hyperactive pups and aid dogs who suffer from anxiety. This is because they will expend the energy exercising that would normally be directed in a less than ideal direction. So, they will not have the same amount of energy to expend on those behaviors.

Maintaining hygiene is important for any dog’s health. Regular bathing helps keep fleas and ticks away, both of which can carry and pass on serious diseases to your dog, given the opportunity. Nail trims, teeth cleanings, and ear cleanings are also necessary on a regular basis. Long nails generally cause discomfort, especially dew claws, which should not be allowed to grow for an extended period of time. Teeth cleanings will prevent plague buildup which can lead to gum disease. Ear wax and dirt buildup can lend itself to ear infections in an dog. Ear infections can be costly if they’re persistent, so it’s better to nip it in the bud and take care of their ears from the beginning.

Let’s talk about food. Specifically, dog food. Proper nutrition is one of the most important aspects of keeping your dog healthy. Just like there’s a significant difference in low quality and high quality foods we eat, there’s just as much of a difference in dog food. Low quality dog food will not be made with real natural ingredients and have good nutritional values, let alone taste good, while high quality dog food will. A prime example of a high quality dog food is the Purina brand Beneful. Beneful offers dog treats, dry food, and wet food. They offer product with specific nutrition geared towards seniors, puppies, and adult dogs. They have weight maintenance formulas as well. Their wet dog food has visible pieces of meat. Real beef, chicken, salmon and turkey are used. There are real, whole vegetable in all of their wet foods that say they have vegetables in them. Some varieties have carrots and peas, while others have spinach, corn, and even green beans! Real rice and barley is used in some of their meals as well. These meals provide a great balanced nutrition that allows dogs to live a happy and longer life. Better nutrition will allow your dog to continue to live a healthy and energetic life by your side, and Beneful is an excellent option.

The Future of California Skiing During the Drought

“Quite a bit of great skiing to be had.” This was the optimistic forecast for the coming ski season by Andy Wirth, the CEO and President of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings in Olympic Valley California, located near Lake Tahoe. In his interview on Press Play with Madeline Brand on KCRW, Wirth said the past winter was tough. The drought in California affected snowfalls and skier visits were down just over twenty percent from the previous year.

Volatile El Nino weather is predicted in California this coming winter. Though the amount of snowfall is tough to predict, Wirth anticipates that weather conditions are ripe to bring a colder winter this year than in the last four. Whether this winter brings snow or rain Wirth has a plan. The drought has taught the resort to become very good at managing the snow they do receive and making snow when necessary. The resort also strategically closes some acreage when snowfall is below expectations leaving plenty of acreage still open for skiing. With 6,000 acres at their disposal, the resort still has plenty of skiing, drought or not.

Squaw Valley, like other ski resorts across the country, is reappraising their business model and hoping to draw visitors to the resort in the summer as well as the winter. The resort offers many different recreational activities in addition to skiing. With weddings, meetings, and events like the Ironman triathlon, Squaw Valley has been selling during the summer.

Wirth is taking a long-term view of how climate change will affect his business. Not only is he adjusting his business model to adapt to climate change he is actively trying to reduce the resort’s carbon footprint. His resort works with energy providers to encourage them to stop using coal and to use renewable energy whenever possible. He takes the environmental legacy of the resort very seriously. “We see ourselves as resource managers,” says Wirth.

Andy Wirth has been president and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings since 2010. He has spent twenty-five years in the hotel and mountain resort industries. It is not a surprise that his interests lay within the mountain resorts industry. Wirth is an avid sportsman. He has competed in half-marathons and triathlons. He also skydives, and of course, skis. In fact, he hadn’t missed a ski season in over thirty years until he severely injured his arm in a skydiving accident in 2013. Wirth was grateful to be alive after the accident that nearly led to his arm being amputated. He is the recipient of the Citizen of the Year award from Disabled Sports. The award recognizes Wirth’s support of the Disabled Sports organization. The organization provides adaptive ski and snowboard training for people with disabilities.